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forcedfeminization - I am lucky enough to have personal experience of crossdressing through a very close male friend. Scott always had a desire to try crossdressing but chose to ignore it through his teenage years. When he left home he became more aware of his sexuality, he knew he wasn't gay as he had great sex with women. Yet he had such an intense desire to try on women's clothes. Once when his girlfriend had gone shopping he went through her wardrobe. He found some black lacy stockings and a soft silky skirt with an elastic waist band so he could stretch it to fit. Scott's heart was banging as he put the clothes on but at the same time he felt so good. The feel of the clothes was so much nicer completely sensual the silk next to his skin felt so good. He knew his girlfriend would be sometime so he was able to walk around the house freely. When he told me about what he had done when we went out to lunch I was a bit shocked. But proud he had confided in me, which showed how close we were as friends. This was nearly a year ago and was Scott's introduction to the world of crossdressing. Since then he has been able to confide in his girlfriend and he now has a fast growing wardrobe of his own. For Scott it's about freedom to explore his inner self and crossdressing is a part of that.

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